How the Silk Road Made The World

How the Silk Road Made the World

3 x 60' NHNZ/CCTV (China Central Television)

The Silk Road is one of humanity‚Äôs greatest enterprises. For thousands of years across the vastness of Eurasia, a trade route linking east and west has deeply influenced history. Silk Road trade has helped to build and break empires, fed revolutions and profoundly affected civilisations. Humanity as we know it, and all we have created, owes much to the legendary Silk Road. This is true of objects as basic yet revolutionary as a piece of paper, to the complex metropolis of  New York City. Travel through time to witness the evolution of ancient warfare, experience the horror of the Black Death, see the explosive impacts of innovations and live through radical social change. Embark on a dramatic historical journey throughout Eurasia and delve into the captivating tales of this world-famous trade route. Discover How the Silk Road Made the World.