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Jack Osbourne's Buried Bloodlines

2 x 60' Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.

Jack Osbourne’s Buried Bloodlinespremiered ondiscovery+ October 2023. In this Antipodean paranormal investigation, Jack discovers shocking evidence about his family history, tortured souls, and a serial killer from the beyond.The global paranormal investigator teams up with an expert Australian ghost hunting team, Hailey Lilley, Rickie Ahmic and Brendan Jeff, and together they investigate the most haunted place in Australia - Hobart, Tasmania. Here, 75,000 British convicts were imprisoned and brutally tortured. Angry and trapped, their spirits are forever bound to the cursedisland. Travelling 8,000 miles around the globe to face spine-chilling haunted locations such as a penitentiary and an asylum, the investigation ramps up when Jack discovers his family name on the records of imprisoned convicts. How far will he go to communicate with possible ancestors?