Dynamic Planet

Dynamic Planet

4 x 60’ PBS, ARTE, SKY NZ

An epic new series, filmed over three years, travels to the extremes on all seven continents to meet an extraordinary group of people and animals living and working on the front line of climate change. They reveal how science, nature and tradition can prepare us for the future. 

Our planet is heating twice as fast as it was four decades ago and the implications for our planet and everything living on it are huge.

As temperatures rise, icecaps and glaciers melt, oceans warm, forests burn, weather patterns change and the world as we know it transforms. Ancient connections between plants, animals and people are undermined. The rules that dictated stability have been re-written with new climate change winners and losers exposed.

We join scientists sailing on previously inaccessible seas, scale Himalayan peaks, explore the Amazon jungle and brave the hottest deserts to learn how our world is changing. We witness animals changing behaviour and adapting to a warming world and cutting edge science seeking solutions. Local conservationists and indigenous leaders look to the past to heal their homelands and to prepare them for the future. And people who care, step up to support a planet in crisis.

Their work highlights what is at threat, but also how the natural world adapts to find a new equilibrium in surprising ways. They show that it’s not too late to fix past mistakes, and to care for and protect the places we love and live.